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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 6, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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moments ago she was reevunited with her family. >> she was abducted grabbed off the sidewalk. this morning her abductor set to face a judge. lauren green is here with the details. >> good morning heather and ainsley. car lea karlesha gaitser is safe with her family. the man who abducted her will make a court appearance. >> she was vie p lently abducted on the street. they found the 22-year-old woman outside of baltimore in her ladies and gentlemened abductor's car. >> when the subject exited the vehicle he was taken into
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custody and she was recovered. >> the police arrested the 37-year-old calling him a dangerous fred tore. >> his capture brings to an end the 70 hour ordeal which intensified as they released video of him using her atm and going into a store. >> people like this is a vicious predator and hopefully he will be in jail the rest of his life. >> she was checked out at a hospital and had an emotional return home with her family.
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he is ready for a kentucky bourbon with mitch o'connell but he is vowing action on controversial reform. >> mixed messages. >> very much from that press conference yesterday. both sides are trying to work together and at the same time drawing deep lines in the sand about what they will and will not do. they delayed reaction because of the political implications. he promised action on deportation and border security even if congress doesn't like it. >> i think the president is doing a lot ion at that tilater immigration is a big mistake. it is an issue, it's like wave ago red flag in front of a bull to say if you doo doo what i want i am going to do it on my
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own. >> i was elected booifsh f. they want me to push hard to close some of these divisions break through some of the gridlock and get stuff done. >> to that end he will take action congress won't like and congress will pass bills he won't sign which many took as bipartisan relationship. the russians had a russian pro verb that translates trust but verify. now it is time to take a look at who is talking. charles krauthammer has advice now that they are in charge of
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congres -- majority in congress. >> they have to go from a party of no to a party of agenda. the only time that happened in the mid term was in the contract with america which was written in advance of america but that's rare. now they have the opportunity to go from the party of no to the party that tell the country in advance of the 2016 election this is what we want to do and they should have a program ready to go like in 94. you make the country see that you are ready and you are radically different than this president. >> will he use his pen and phone to get his way? join the conversation #keep talking. the senate race still too close to call. ed gillespie trailing mark warner by nearly 17,000 votes.
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warner declared victory but gillespie still hasn't conceded. the senate race up in the air. dan sullivan has the lead over mark begich. he was seen hauling away his own campaign signs. >> new overnight u.s. warplanes targeting the most notorious bomb makers. he killed david drudgen of syria. he developed a method to dip clothes in explosives that could pass through airport detection. defense officials only confirming the u.s. carried out air strikes in that region. >> dozens of gitmo prisoners are returning to the battlefield. the obama administration releasing yet another detainee. he is back in his home land of kuwait after 30 years in
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guantanamo bay. fawzi al-odah was among the first prisoners on suspicion of al qaeda or the taliban. he most likely had terror training but was not in a leadership position. >> officers face fatality charges after surveillance cameras see him punching a 16-year-old marijuana suspect. one officer accused of hitting the teen with his gun. the teen never put up a fight but the officers say he was noncompliant. the two officers pleading not guilty the video is misleading. >> police unravelling a school shooting plot. he was being intir gated for breaking into cars downtown. that's what he confessed detailing a plan to shoot his parents and unleash an attack at a high school.
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he was bullied for years and wanted revenge on the students. >> the obama administration cut funding to nasa and then this happened. the contractor responsible for last month's unmanned rocket explosion now planning to ditch cold wear for rockets. the fuel pump waudz most likely responsible for that-kra. the company will buy rockets from an you tell side source to keep the supply missions for nasa on schedule. >> a shocking admission by the irs the agency admitting in court it has not searched any of the computers for lois lerner's missing e-mails. the reason irs servers did not . what about the backup case. the irs claims there's no reason to believe the case can help them recover the e-mails. there's no reason to believe.
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the agency claims thousands of e-mails were lost in a hard drive crash in 2011. country music's biggest night was all about this star. ♪ >> miranda lambert taking home three awards for female vocalist prize held by reba mcentire a record. >> taking shots at the president and taylor swift is she leaving country music? >> this condition has hit nashville the hardest. >> we are talking about post partum taylor swift disorders. >> why isn't the government the first one to do about it? >> president obama don't care about post partum stress
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disorder. >> how do you know the president doesn't care? >> i know he doesn't care. because i asked him. >> you asked the president? >> yesterday. i jumped the white house fence ran across the lawn. door was wide open. >> this is brad and carrie's second time hosting. they make a great team. brad spills the beans about carrie's big baby news. >> she looked great last night. >> in case you get a little wet today maria molina tracking the rain. >> rain associated with the storm system producing areas of rain from as far south as the gulf coast to texas and further to the north into pennsylvania and new jersey. some of the moisture will be encountering the colder
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temperatures. we have winter storm warns in effect. through friday we could be looking at as much as 8-12 inches of snow. this comes after more of a foot of snow from our last storm system about a week ago. the temperatures will remain cool across portions of the great lakes. 40's expected through chicago and minneapolis. heather and ainsley. >> thank you, maria. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up on the high weighted jail. the hall of fame accused in the nasty plots. >> the company trying to cash in on terrorism. >> see what happens when he realizes someone is actually home. >> another chance of last night's vma awards.
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al-odah >> the drum he haver a band leads -- drummer of a rock band leads to murder. >> the acdc rocker is in court looking disheveled without shoes. he did not enter a plea. the 60-year-old is free on bail due back in court at the end of the month. >> browsing the internet while on the run for 48 days. police recovering more than 100 items from the air hangar where the 31-year-old was arrested last week including a propane
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stove, dental supplies and a lap top where he used unprotected wi-fi hot spots to get on-line. his hearing is set for november 12th. after nearly two years of denial alex rodriguez finally admitting to using steroids. a rod confessing during the investigation of the drug supplier. the admin taking place back in january behind closed doors. in exchange for coming clean he was given immunity from prosecution. a 90-year-old florida man might end up going to jail for helping the homeless. arnold abbott served fresh meals every week in fort lauderdale park. he started the love thy neighbor project over 20-years ago. a city ordinance says he was not
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allowed to do that any more. he and two pastors were arrested and charged as they were serving food. >> he said put down that plate right now. it was quite a shock. >> he said his work will continue despite his arrest. he originally started the weekly program to honor his wife's memory. >> it is time to brew on this. talk about a pr nightmare. look a turkish company under fire for using the mastermind 9-11 terror attack at the harry movl product. the ad says this. waiting won't get rid of that hair. here's the worst part. when asked why they used the photo of kalid sheikh mohammed, the company said they didn't know he was a terrorist they thought his harry body was a good fit for the ard. >> is the ad fine or over the
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line? send comments to facebook, twitter or e-mail at fox news paying off terrorists before the prisoner swap of bowberg dall one congressman says the military had another plan. >> get a gift to gm's new plan to get cards in the shop. but first keith urban performing somewhere in my car last night's vma awards.
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♪ >> a beautiful shot of times square. it is 5:21 here on the east coast. here's what's happening on the news. attacks in israel leaving one dead and 17 others injured. he rammed his mini van into a crowd of people waiting for the
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train in jerusalem. he jumped out swinging an iron bar before police shot him dead. hours later three israeli soldiers also hit. that driver still on the lose. the militant group hamas praising the attack. >> securing our border one of the top priorities for texas newly elected governor greg abbott. rick perry dispatched the national guard when a rush of immigrant children entered the country illegally. now that abbott won the election we are getting a better idea of his plan to secure the border. >> one of the issues i ran on and won on is ensuring texas will step up and do what the federal government failed to do and that is secure our border. we have a broader policy that will replace the national guard and instead add more public of safety officers as well as texas rangers as well as providing additional funding for local law enforcement. >> abbott dgot more than nearly
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half of the hispanic vote which proves it is a huge concern for every community in the state. >> pope frances a looking at the hardships of catholics when seeking an annulment. this comes after he once officially tried to charge thousands of dollars at an annulment. >> in november it is already starting to look a lot like christmas. this 85 foot norway spruce heading to rockefeller center. the 13 ton tree was planted back in 1915 in bloomsberg, pennsylvania. the tree lighting ceremony is on december 3rdrd. >> offering an incentive to those with one of the faulty
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ignitions. lauren simonetti is here with that. >> oh, $25. if you own a general motors vehicle because of a recall the ignition switch and you have not brought it in for a fix they are giving drivers $25 gift cards to 7 stores including starbucks and wal-mart as an incentive only about a million owners brought in their cars to the dealership since the recall after more than 2 and a half million cars. they are opening an hours earlier than macy's or coles and three hours earlier than thanksgiving last year. kmart giving you a reason to stop there right now. they are offering a no one down lay away plan now through november 15th. no minimum purchase is required. >> starbucks is bringing back the egg nothing latte. it is working to get enough egg nothing from the suppliers hopes to have the popular drink at all
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of the stores the week of november 17th. customers got very angry they revolted. great day on wall street. it was really a post election rally this morning dow futures off a point. >> to find loren go to finder. >> it is 25 minutes after the hour. the greatest show on earth getting a huge fine after a chandelier stunt goes horribly wrong. >> california city trying to tax the way to the soda guzzling habit. >> first on this day in history back in 1816 he was elected the 16th president of the united states. >> back in 1869 rutgers in the
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>> it is thursday november 6th. a woman snatched off the street now safe at home. hours away from facing a judge. what police are now saying. >> one day after republican sees congress the president sending mixed messages. >> i am pretty sure i will take some actions that congress will not like. that's natural. that's how a democracy works. >> we can surely find ways to work together on issues. >> will he work with republicans or just use that pen and phone? >> and this donkey caught
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horsing around falling feet first into a manhole. how firefighters managed to get him out. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> this is thursday, down to the weekend baby. this is "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> appreciate when you joan us. i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. moments ago carlesha freeland-gaither reunited with her family in philadelphia. she was dragged off the sidewalk sunday three blocks from her own hem home. her abductor facing a judge
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today. >> the hunt is over. carlesha is home safe in philadelphia with her family. then a few hours the man arrested for her abduction will make her first cou-- his first appearance. this video shows 22-year-old carlesha being violently abducted on a philadelphia street. late yesterday afternoon police found the 22-year-old women outside baltimore in her alleged abductor's car. >> when the subject exited the vehicle he was apprehended and that's when ms. free land was recovered. >> very upset. she was crying. she was just asking for me. said she loved me, she missed me, come get her. >> police arrested delvin barns calling him a dangerous predator. it brings to an end a 70 hour ordeal which intensified when they released more surveillance
2:32 am
video of the suspect using carlesha's atm card and entering a food store. they don't know a motive. >> this is what he does apparently. people like this if there's something that doesn't make sense don't try to find it. he's off the streets and hopefully he will be in nail the re jail the rest of his life. >> he was being caugsought for attempted murder. he will be arained charged with her abduction. after she was she canned ochecke hospital she had an emotional return. >> so glad she is safe. >> mixed messages from the white house a day after republicans take control of the senate. president obama says he's ready to reach across the aisle but he vowed for congressional action. rive in washington what is mitch
2:33 am
mcconnell saying about the new relationship with the president? >> there's a lot of talk on both sides about just talking and the new congress doesn't take over until early next year. we may see a huge battle play out well in advance of that in dueling press conferences yesterday president obama and we think the incoming majority leader mitch mcconnell talked about reaching out and speaking to one another once in a while. s it will move on issues such as the keystone oil pipeline changes in obamacare. but immigration may be the huge battle ground yet to come. president obama threatening to move on his own if congress does not legalize millions of illegal rests dents. >> whatever executive action i take will be replaced by action by congress. you send me a bill that i sign executive actions go away.
2:34 am
>> it is like waving a red flag in front of a bull if you don't do what i want i am going to do it on my own. >> president obama said he would be happy to sit down with mitch mcconnell to enjoy kentucky bourbon. he wasn't even sure if mcconnell enjoyed bourbon. these two guys had almost no working relationship. >> reportedly only met in person twice. so we will see. time now for a look at who is talking as president obama deals with the changing of the guard in congress three-days from the weekly standard staying the president doesn't want to understand why his party lost the election. >> he seems to believe he represents every single one of the two-thirds of the american people who didn't show up and vote. he is going to continue this office because that's what they want despite the fact that they didn't show up. you have a president who pretends nothing went wrong. he stood up in front of the
2:35 am
press corps today and in effect said i know there was this vote yesterday you can all determine what the results are but i am going to be the same president i have been for the past six years so he said the economy is working, he said obamacare is the law is washing well. this is a president who doesn't want to understand what just happened. >> ernst says the mid terms were truly a referendum on the president's failed policies. >> i think it's a little disingenuous at this point. six years we have had the opportunity to work together and move america in the right direction. he has been so disengaged and not willing to work with republicans or even some members of his own party. >> ernst says when she gets to washington she plans to take aim at the out of control federal spending and obamacare. >> will a new republican congress get it done or will he use pen and phone to get his
2:36 am
way? head to our facebook wage to weigh in on that conversation. #keep talking. new overnight airplanes targeting the most want the bomb maker. the drone strike believed to have killed david bluj on it could pass through airport detection. only confirming the u.s. carried out air strikes in that region. >> did the white house try to pater wrists for the release of sergeant bowe bergdahl before they swapped him for five prisoners. the pentagon repeatedly said no. but duncan hunter doesn't buy it. he says military forces are revealing to him the u.s. paid an afghan that was mediating this deal. but he took the cash and ran huvenlter now calling for an investigation.
2:37 am
>> finally free the u.s. marine who was in mexico is back home. >> greta van susteren landing that first interview with tahmooressi. he recalls being stopped at the border and the moment he realized he was in serious trouble. >> i was thinking hopefully these guys are going to be considerate and caring and understanding, but i started feeling something shift. they were very helpful and it shifted. and then i knew this could be bad. >> that airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. hopefully you will be watching it. first don't miss greta at 8:30 eastern time to talk about it. >> grab your umbrella before you
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leave the house. >> it was raining here. parts of the country seeing rain eevenlt no today maria. you are tracking it for us. >> it will be cold enough we will see the rain transition from snowfall. we are looking at rain through the widespread area. we have rain across texas and louisiana and stretching as far north adds pennsylvania and new jersey even into new york city. as some of the moisture encounters some of the colder air across portions of the new england we are going to see the transition moving to snow later on tonight into tomorrow. the rain is going to be impacting travel in places like detroit, california. we are going to see liisolated weather delays. here are win toter storm warnin. you are looking at 8-4 inches of snow. this is in northern maine. wind gusts 30 miles per hour. you are on the cool side across portions of the great lakes and
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the midwest. high temperatures in the 40's. meanwhile across the plains in texas lacking good 72 for the highs in houston. let's head over to you heather and ainsley. >> thank you. maria. >> justin timberlake. ♪ >> jessica biel is pregnant with their first baby according to us weekly. no comment yet from the couple who celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary this month. the baby is said to be due in april. >> get ready to crash his party. luke ryan just won the biggest honor at the cma awards. >> i love luke bryan.
2:40 am
he was named entertainer of the year. former winner garth brooks presenting him with that trophy. >> don't you think he will find my baby. >> oh, yeah, that's great. >> we could name him garth. >> what are you doing? >> brad paisley spilling the beans and revealing carrie under wood is having a baby boy. >> nothing is off limits tonight. though we refuse to joke about renee zellweger. >> first of all, she could be here. >> how old we know. >> she is a master of december guys. >> this is brad a and carrie's second time hosting together. >> talking about the recent photos after plastic surgery. >> breaking and entering with the kament rcameras rolling.
2:41 am
>> what is in your how is that adds up to the hefty price tag. >> say good-bye to the new car smell. a driver going nuts after his brand new car won't start. >> first the performance at the vma's. ♪ :
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>> the greatest show on earth finding the greatest find. >> osha hitting ringling brothers with the highest possible fine 7,000 dollars after the human chandelier collapsed in may.
2:45 am
the conductor that was holding them was improperly loaded. nine people were severely injured. >> california residents outraged over a new tax that is bringing some of the favorite treats. >> the nationwide impact. >> good morning. voters approving a one-cent tax on sugary sodas and drinks. it adds $0.12 to soda and $0.58 to two liter bottle. the dental society, naacp burke lee city council and school board. they claim their consumption brings health problems including diabetes health disease and tooth decay. about 75 percent of voters actually said yes to the measure. but the new tax fell flat to some consumers.
2:46 am
>> they have to pay extra to drink sodas. >> it's a ridiculous idea they get away with everything. it is bad for business. >> while it is unclear whether similar measures could be introduced elsewhere across the country they have failed in two dozen other cities and states by the way a measure that would have added $0.02 annous failed tuesday in san francisco. back to you. >> thank you ashley. don't miss ashley on the fox business network log on to finder. >> now for a look at today's 5@5:00. the cost of a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas. it may sound like church change after this. items that cost more than $3,500 per gallon. eye drops the tiny containers can cost you up to 3300 per
2:47 am
gallon or $26 per ounce. keeping a beauty regimen not cheap. makeup and manicures can cost up to $700 per gallon have a printer or some ink cartridges are priced at 1600 per gallon. if you offer sunscreens $600 per gallon. finally the most commonly prescribed insulin could cost you nearly $37,000 per gallon. >> 47 minutes after the top of the hour. diners weren't expecting this an suv smashing through the front of the restaurant. the big mistake the driver made. >> it is out with the old in with the new. some hot new angels. >> what exactly is victoria secret again? >> nothing. they don't even know about it. >> good morning to you, ladies.
2:48 am
>> one day after a major gop victory the presidented now responding. is he serious about compromise? didn't sound like it. we have the fallout. >> the birthday in washington these days. state lawmaker only 18 she is here live. busy three hours kicks off right now on the fox news channel.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." wait until you see this. terrifying moments at a houston restaurant all caught on camera. a woman's s.u.v. plows through a restaurant right into a sea of lunch time diners. she apparently hit the gas instead of the brake while trying to park.
2:52 am
ten customers were injured. >> a stranger trying to kick down a man's front door and then force his way inside. the problem with this is the owner happened to be home at the time. he caught it on camera. watch the stranger as he disappears to stretch before running at the door. stretches out. the man takes off when he spots the homeowner inside. he is still on the run. >> a political dispute at the polls turns physical in north carolina. stokes county democratic party chair woman vivian falk arrested for simple assault. she allegedly kicked a poll worker in the groin and hit him with an iced tea carton. witnesses say a heated discussion about the candidates took a turn for the worse. 57 years after this iconic picture was snapped, sophia lore rein explaining why she gave jane mansfield
2:53 am
the look. she said she was shocked at how low the dress was. she said in my face you can see the fear. i am so frightened everything in her dress is going to blow, boom, and spill all over the table. >> speaking of things that are low cut, they just got their set of wings. victoria's secret announcing two new models will be walking the runway next month at its fashion show. meet 23-year-old jasmine took. she is on the cover of the giant's catalog. this is the 23-year-old who will be replacing miranda kerr. the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is the face of a new campaign ad. your e-mails are pouring in on this one. >> this donkey caught horsing around falling feet first into a manhole. how fire fighters were able to get him out. >> first florida georgia
2:54 am
line performing "dirt" at the c.m.a.'s. ♪ ♪
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>> three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. in a matter of hours the man accused of kidnapping a pennsylvania woman will face a judge for the first time. the woman is now reunited with her family days after
2:58 am
being abducted right off the street. it's day two of nfl star ray rice's court hearing. he is challenging his suspension and seeking reinstatement into the nfl after hitting his fiancee on an elevator. the president says he's willing to sit down with the new majority leader mitch mcconnell but vows executive action on immigration reform. will the new congress be able to get anything done or will the president use his pen and phone to get his way? log on to our facebook page right now. it's #keeptalking. >> time for a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. a patriotic streak. baskin robbins has a new flavor. first class camouflage. ten cents for scoops sold will be donated to the u.s.o. on veterans day. a great idea. the bad. a man in italy, what he did to his fiat. the reason? he couldn't get the
2:59 am
brand-new car to start. finally the ugly. this donkey getting stuck in a manhole after escaping a switzerland petting zoo. after several hours fire fighters pulled the 13-year-old donkey to safety and he's now back home at the zoo. >> it is time for our brew on this responses. the circus company under fire for using the face of mastermind of a terrorist. when asked why, the company said they didn't know he was a terrorist. do you think it was fine or over the line. albert said it is wrong. >> this is sick. i would not buy anything that has that face on t. the company should have done full research before putting out the ad. >> chuck says way over the line. not even remotely appropriate. thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate it.
3:00 am
>> "fox & friends" starts right now. thanks so much for joining us. >> see you back here tomorrow. on friday! good morning everyone. today is thursday, the 6th of november, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. her abduction caught on camera but this morning that woman has been found alive. >> come get her. >> what did police know about her kidnapper? we're live at her home with the developing details straight ahead. >> what a story. >> this map shows a clear blow to the democrats. look at all of that red. but it's not so clear to our president. he says tuesday's voters are the minority. >> to everyone who voted, i want you to know i hear you. to the two thirds voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, i hear you too. >> is he in


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